Etna excursions: now more than ever!

Etna excursions: now more than ever!

Author: Etna Moving Admin | Date: 05/07/2021

Etna excursions: now more than ever!

'Oh my God, Etna is erupting these days, isn't it dangerous to go hiking on Etna during this period?' If you're asking yourself these questions, it's time to dispel some myths.

In a recent article, 'The Guardian', the famous UK newspaper, spoke of a real war that INGV volcanologists have been fighting in recent times against our beloved Etna. INGV's response, however, was not long in coming, and a few days ago, the technologist Maddalena De Lucia wrote a heartfelt post about the unconditional love between scientists and our 'mamma' Etna.

Since February 2021, our beloved volcano has not stopped muttering, dropping a little black ash here and there and, above all, giving us extraordinary fireworks displays.
Despite its whims and mood swings, Etna represents for all of us an image that means home, belonging to an area rich in magic and spectacle. Of course, when we have to sweep up kilos of volcanic ash, we probably tell it all sorts of things, but do you want to put that against the thrill of being enchanted when at night its lava fountains reach a height of over 100 metres?

For all of us who live under 'u vuccanu' ('the volcano in Sicilian'), it is an unparalleled spectacle, unique in the world, which makes us proud and which we almost miss when it doesn't show up for a while. Moreover, Etna is a volcano that is always in constant movement, growing like a child as fast as the eye can see. Since the beginning of this new cycle of paroxysms, even its height has changed!

That's why we at EtnaMoving love our job and take you, thanks to our excursions, to discover this natural stage that represents an 'unicum' in the world.

During our excursions on Mount Etna, it happens not infrequently to witness these shows, and we assure you that there is nothing dangerous or afraid of. Etna is a volcano, 'it is neither good nor bad', as our guide Fabrizio always likes to repeat. That's why we recommend, now more than ever, that you come with us and discover what makes Europe's highest volcano so unique.