Tourism and nature. The great parks of Sicily

Tourism and nature. The great parks of Sicily

Author: Etna Moving Admin | Date: 24/03/2019

Tourism and nature. The great parks of Sicily

If when you imagine Sicily you only think of the sea, the sun and the colorful beaches, you are wrong!

Indeed, I correct myself. It is true, we have beaches for all tastes, the sun for most of the year and a climate to be envied. But it is also true that this description is reductive.

Sicily is a place of villages, culture, art and architecture and with a rich variety of natural landscapes unique in the world.

Today I wanted to tell you about the five great green lungs of Sicily that represent a huge scientific and landscape heritage.

Dimensione Sicilia with its thirty years of experience will allow you to discover the immense natural heritage of the island with personalized tours, based on your tastes and preferences.
Here is some information on the five parks of Sicily by order of institution.

The Etna park.

It takes its name from the absolute protagonist: the largest active volcano in Europe, which never ceases to attract tourists from all parts of the world thanks to the suggestive fireworks that offer extraordinary shows, which can be admired closely thanks to the support of expert local guides. The park, established in 1987, offers images that vary according to the seasons, rural landscapes, altitude and vegetation. Going from top to bottom, you will pass from black 'lunar' landscapes without vegetation and where you can see small inactive craters, in very fertile areas, going down towards the valley, rich in olive trees, vineyards, pine forests and century-old chestnut trees like the famous chestnut tree one hundred horses of Sant'Alfio.

During the winter the snow envelops the volcano and thanks to the ski lifts on both sides, north and south, it is possible to ski in a very peculiar way, that is looking at the sea downstream. Without a doubt spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for high-altitude excursions.

The Madonnas park.

Among dozens of medieval villages that preserve the charm of the past and that constitute the urban fabric of the area, you will encounter woods, green meadows, ponds, rivers and high mountains. Established in 1988, beautiful both in winter with snow and in summer, when it offers relief from hot muggy days, it is the ideal place to reconcile the needs of those seeking nature, culture and food and wine. The atmosphere is indeed that of the medieval villages with castles, towers, clean air, good food and welcoming people.

The Nebrodi park.

Established in 1993, with its 70 km of mountain ranges it is the largest green lung in Sicily. It stretches from the north, covering most of the province of Messina and continues southwards touching the provinces of Enna, Caltanissetta and Catania. It offers a panoramic view overlooking the Etna in the south and the Aeolian Islands in the north. In addition to the marvelous landscape, this area is enriched by rivers, lakes, dense forests and valleys of flowering meadows. The Nebrodis villages are dedicated to agriculture and breeding, the typical products that derive from it are certainly a factor of attractiveness (for me it is, given that I consider myself a good fork!) Here it is possible to spot eagles, griffins, vultures, deer, foxes and the Nebrodi black piglet, typical of these areas. As in the rest of the island, even in this area one of the most significant features is the warmth of the people that will amaze you by giving you more than you think you can receive.

The Alcantara river park.

It extends around the river of the same name that was born in Floresta, a delightful little town on the Nebrodis, and flows between the provinces of Catania and Messina, constituting the natural border between the two provinces. The view along the river is impressive, a meeting between water and fire (that of the volcano a long time ago). The multiple eruptions have designed the river bed giving it a very varied appearance characterized by waterfalls, canyons, gorges and natural pools ideal for cooling off during the summer heat. Excellent choice for those who love nature and rafting. Furthermore, the proximity of the park to Taormina, Etna and Nebrodi, allows Dimensione Sicilia to build itineraries that combine nature, culture, adventure, worldliness and taste.

The park of the Sicani Mountains.

Third in order of magnitude and last by institution that took place definitively in the recent 2014, it extends between Palermo and Agrigento and includes four nature reserves. The landscape is formed by limestone reliefs with a remarkable complexity of environments and microclimates, so much so that from the botanical point of view there are over 700 plant species of which about forty are endemic. This area of ​​less traveled Sicily can represent a green holiday alternative even in late autumn.

If you are thinking of an escape into the green, breathtaking scenery, relaxation and the constant temptation of food,

Sicily is what you need!