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All our Etna excursions can be organized in private formula, ie the jeep and the guide are only at your disposal.. This option is particularly indicated for those who want more privacy or because their needs require such as the presence of newborns, people with motor disabilities, or pets or simply to have a convenient time. In this mode you can request the customization of the tours and the flexibility of time, provided that the variation does not go beyond the timing required for the specific activity required or involves the employment of two shifts.

The exclusive formula, being engaged a vehicle and a guide regardless of the number of participants, provides a quote 'empty for full' taking into account the full shares. Discounts are not applicable and children pay full adult fees in this case. For example, a couple wishing to take a half-day excursion will have to calculate the entire membership fee for 8 participants (this is the number of seats of our vehicles). The fee does not include any services offered by third parties (tastings in the cellar, lunches, cable car tickets, etc.). If you intend to book the tour in private formula, you will be asked to pay in advance the entire membership fee.

The Private jeep tour Etna Morning 2000 meters is designed to give everyone the opportunity to discover the most important places of Etna and to have a complete picture of its history, evolution and activities. We will start the excursion from the lava flows that in the past centuries destroyed the Etna Villages and we will arrive at about 2000m asl at Rifugio Sapienza (Etna Sud) or Piano Provenzana (Etna Nord). Along the way, equipped with helmets and torches, you will visit a wonderful lava cave (lava tube), the famous Valle del Bove from a lookout and always accompanied by our passionate guides will make a pleasant and easy trekking around side craters like the Craters Silvestri or Sartorius Craters, on Etna there are more than 300 side craters now extinguished. The Etna excursion is carried out on board our 4X4 jeep with which we will reach the various points of interest and throughout the journey our guides will provide you with all the information on Etna and at the end you will love it like us !!!



Pick-up from the village of Trecastagni, price valid for one jeep:

Price: € 550,00
PROMO ONLINE: € 450,00


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Jeep and guide will be to your exclusive disposal. Pick-up times and places to visit will be agreed in advance with you according with your needs.

Note: The price includes the insurance for each participant.

Difficulty: Easy easy